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Teochew Cold Crab

Teochew Cold Crab is a delicacy passed down by generations. The crabs that we choose are known for the irresistible yellow roe. 

They are first cooked in the premium broth, before leaving them to chill and serving them cold. This enhances the freshness of the crab meat and ensure the sweetness of this delicacy.


Chili Mud Crabs 

How can we miss out on a Singapore Favourite? 

Our mud crabs are specially chosen to meet the expectations of Singaporeans. With the right amount of meat, each bite brings happiness to the bellies.


The best side dish to go with will be the simple fried buns, to dip and dunk in sauce. 

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Steam Live Soon Hock

Every dish is well considered and prepared by our chefs. This includes our Hong Kong Steamed Live Soon Hock. 

The H.K. Soya sauce is specially brewed, drizzled on the steamed live fish, this dish is extremely simple yet comforting. 




Live Lobster Porridge 

A secret recipe since 1999, where Orchid Live Seafood began her journey at Orchid Country Club. 

Using Live Lobsters, the succulent meat complements our signature broth that have been prepared to perfection. Seasoned with Sesame Oil and Spring Onion, this is the ultimate comfort food. 

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Steven Chicken

Steven Chicken! 

Chicken wings, deboned and specially marinated with a 20 years secret recipe, then fried to the right texture.

Trust us on this, you cannot stop at just one piece!

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Premium Abalone

This is one of our proudest achievements. 

Our very own brand of Australian Blacklip Canned Abalone. 

If you like what you have tasted in our menu, do purchase from us to enjoy with your own desired cooking style! 



Live Boston Lobster (Cream Cheese)

This was one of our latest addition to the menu. 

Using another breed of lobsters, we created a sauce which compliments the Boston Lobsters. The succulent meat soaks up the heavy taste of the cream cheese and leaves the taste buds wanting more. 


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