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Orchid Live Seafood is now located at
2 Yishun Walk #03 -1 S767944 , HomeTeamNS Khatib

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Orchid Country Club

Orchid Live Seafood first started her humble beginning at Orchid Country Club, in 1999. 

Situated right beside the Driving Range, our reputation slowly grew with the presence of the frequent patrons of the club. 


As most of the tables are placed in the alfresco dining area, our business was very much affected by the weather. It was a great location yet due to the space constrains, we often find ourselves scrambling for proper kitchen space. 



Bah Soon Pah 

The first location we moved to was Bah Soon Pah Road in the year 2010.

 It is within the Yishun - Sembawang vicinity and customers were easily directed to this "kampung - liked" environment as it is situated in the Green Valley Farms. 

Majority of the dining spaces are still in the alfresco area and needless to say, the presence of mosquitoes were inevitable. 




Jalan Kelulut 

We carried on our legacy to the Seletar area with a restaurant space of small seating capacity. 

Fully air conditioned, it provided a better dining experience for diners who preferred a full indoor restaurant environment.




HomeTeamNS Khatib


Our HomeTeamNS Khatib branch will be opening officially on 1st August 2020!

​We have been preparing for this move since November 2019 and we are finally, at the last step of preparations. All safe distancing, hygiene cleaning have been stepped up and we aim to prepare a safe and pleasant experience for our diners! 


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